The profit maximisation goal should not be considered the sole goal of the firm

It is often argued that an important factor to consider when thinking about the ethics of HRM is that of the aims and purpose of the employer. Indeed, the need to be clear about what is being established and the meaning applied thereof becomes even more critical, considering the eclectic and contested nature of the concept of ethics.

Greenwood, have not been that very complimentary. In this view and in the context of HR ethics, the manager is seen as amoral and does not find ethical considerations central to his decisions.

Theories of the Family and Policy (WP 04/02)

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Recent research on business ethics indicate that HR-related issues are increasingly prominent in the day —to- day practice of contemporary managers Wooten, This is not ideology.

Through the integration of literatures in human resources, management studies and philosophy, this paper seeks to direct the attention of scholars and practitioners alike to these ignored aspects of HR ethics. Similarly, Cornelius and Gagnon have also attempted to introduce and legitimize emotional dimension to ethical reasoning in HRM through their concept of emotional labour, arguing that frameworks that rests primarily on intellectual reason, ignores the salient fact that people are likely to respond emotionally to challenges to deeply held ethical beliefs.

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This may need a critical re-evaluation of current mainstream ethical frameworks in the context of HRM. Several authors have articulated the broad-range of ethical challenges and dilemmas in contemporary HRM. Reliance has completed installation of cracker and downstream projects at Jamnagar during the year and precommissioning and start-up activities are in full swing.- Ch 1 HW Questions.

STUDY. To achieve the goal of profit maximization for each alternative being considered, the financial manager would select the one that is expected to result in the highest monetary return.

Theories of the Family and Policy (WP 04/02)

Profit maximization as the goal of the firm is NOT ideal because. Jun 30,  · Every business aims to earn a profit, but companies exist for other reasons as well, such as providing meaningful livelihoods and working toward social and economic well-being.

Abstract. The global nature of competition, new and ever changing employee expectations, changing societal values and constant revisions of employment law have propelled human resource management (HRM) as one of the critical business function for continued organisational competitiveness in contemporary times.

Profit maximization has always been considered the primary goal of firm's owner is the manager of the firm, and thus, the firm's owner-manager is assumed to maximize the firm's short-term profits (current profits and profits in the near future).Today, even when the profit maximizing assumption is maintained, the notion of profits has.

So, profit maximization should be considered as a sole parameter but wealth maximization should be the main motive of any firm.


ROLL NO Views · View 1 Upvoter. This paper identifies the implications of five theories of family and individual behaviour for the likely success of policy intervention.

The profit maximisation goal should not be considered the sole goal of the firm
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