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On the Other Side: Letters to my Children from Germany 1940-46 by Mathilde Wolff-Mönckeberg

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I read dozens of diaries by women like Tilly, women who hated Hitler but loved Germany, who loved the English until they saw their families and cities destroyed by bombs, who, finally, exhaustedly, just dreamed of an end and a chance to start anew.

By when these letters begin, Tilly was living in Hamburg with her second and decidedly more stable husband, Emil Wolff, a professor of English Language and Literature at Hamburg University. The American army had reached the hospital where she treated the wounded men of the Viet Cong.

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I look forward to encountering you one day, and hope that we may meet as friends, for we have much to discuss, indeed. Evacuees; a man unfit to fight who has to watch as his friends go to war; Londoners living through the Blitz.

This will be the time where you let your deceased loved one merge with you, and respond to your letter. But in all directions death and destruction are knotted together, ready to explode. For him, it seems, there was no point in fighting the inequality around him.

Tilli barely touched that subject, but she was rightfully concerned about the discovery of these letters and had to censor most political comments from her writings. Tilli trook her children back to Hamburg and supported them by working as a translator and taking in lodgers.

Sometimes when you forget things, you remember other things. Day after day of trying to keep these people in line turned Chistyakov as cold as the world around him. There is much to take in, much to think about. I already forgave you for it, even though there was nothing to forgive. Throughout the diary, Chistyakov never quite gives sympathy to his captives.

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One for you, one for me, two for the dogs, one Trix, remainder three. Is there anything to put this in context?Bleach: Letters From The Other Side is the first novel in Bleach which was co-authored by Tite Kubo and Makoto Matsubara.

It is a novelization of the early chapters of the Bleach manga. Letters From the Other Side K 7 0. by ClicheStorie.

On the Other Side: Letters to my Children from Germany 1940-46

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"On The Other Side" are letters written (but never posted) by a 60 year-old woman, to her children living abroad, about the experience of living in Hamburg during the war. Discovered in a drawer in the s, they were translated by her daughter, the late Ruth Evans, and first published in England 4/5.

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Love, by nature, is a connecting, unifying force. Hate, by nature divides and separates.

On the other side letters to
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