First day of school writing activities for 2nd grade

Then I give them the letters when they graduate the 8th grade.

Back to School Worksheets

Have the student take turns rolling the dice. John Markealli Cover Sheets Many of the classrooms in my district are arranged in a way that groups 3 or 4 students together in individual desks.

Then the instructor asked her to put it back in the tube. Write these two quotes from Mother Teresa on your board and have your students write what they feel each quote means.

The Nobel Peace Prize web site contains information about Mother Teresa, who was presented with this award in But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. Jan will get Astarted on her modified work. The kids LOVE deciding if the story he actual wrote for his teacher is true or not!

Purple goes to the listening center today. Return to groups and dismiss teams that are quiet and that have clean areas to recess. Raise you hand if you have a purple dot. All sheets can be modified to meet your needs. They may have to loosen their grips a little for twisting and turning.

The sped teacher and the speech teacher will pull Aand Rperiodically during the day.

First Week of 2nd Grade Activities and Ideas

Not my favorite BTS story, but it gets the job done. He ends up getting lost, and meets three frogs. These banners take a few days to complete and are ready just in time to hang for Back To School Night. Write these two quotes from Mother Teresa on your board and have your students write what they feel each quote means.

If you can make it through the day with those goals accomplished… you owned it. At the end of the year, the teacher passes out their letters. When you finish those you may go to your center. The rest of you will go quietly to your desks and hand the pencil person your pencil.

You need to make five words with the letters and then use each word in a sentence. We decorate the box with their name in glitter and hang them from the classroom roof.Some of the worksheets displayed are Second and third grade writing folder, Practice book o, Vocabulary 2nd grade homophones, Grade 2 time work, Back to school word search, Second grade math minutes, Grammar practice book treasures grade 2, The first day of school.

Your first week of school sets the tone for the year! These are some of the activities we did in our first week of 2nd grade! There’s nothing wrong with posting about your first week back halfway through your third week, right? I mean every afternoon I get home I basically look like this.

First Day of School In Second Grade August 2, By Laura Santos 25 Comments In the primary grades, the ultimate goal of the first day of school is to make sure everyone eats something at some point during the day and gets home safely (hopefully with no tears).

Icebreakers Volume 5: All-About-You Activities for the First Days of School One of Education World's most popular features returns this year with 19 new getting-to-know-you icebreakers for the first days of school!

Back to School Activities

It's time to make a fresh start. After a whole-school dismissal practice, we brainstormed what happened on our first day of 1st grade. (Note – I take a picture of this board and sent it via Remind Text to my families, so they have some talking points when their students arrive!).

Normally I'm posting things that are geared towards 2nd grade, but I have a special little FREEBIE for you K-1 teachers:). Happy 1st Day of School!

New first-day-of-school icebreaker writing assignments

August 20, Step Into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons.

First day of school writing activities for 2nd grade
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